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Lusi Austin

Hi Zina :) Just popped in to say hi! You have really inspired me with display ideas for the kids' artworks. I love them all! They are all such creative kids! Very cool :)
Lus x

Tanya Reedy

I love how you call your childrens drawings ART it sounds so much more important than drawings or colouring-in and they are all so beautiful.
I am glad someone else has pictures on every spare wall in the house too.


love your childrens artwork zina and how you have got it all displayed.

Petrina McDonald

LOVE all the art! So inspiring - I must come up with some more "formal" ways to display my kids' artwork (anything would be more formal than masking tape in the hallway!) :)

Pip Prosser

You are such a good Mummy cherishing all your childrens' art work. I am definitely going to make more of an effort. My daughter, Evie, especially likes creating special little pieces of art work and Jack just loves drawing all sorts of trucks and cars, tractors and big machines. I really like the travel cup, where did you find this??? Thanks for sharing Zina.


Gorgeous artwork! Can't imagine where they would get their creativity from????

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx

Wow Zina you sure do have talented kids. They are all so clever. I love everything you showed here. It's wonderful seeing kids enjoying art and being creative.

My daughter who is 7 also loves art and making things. She has a real talent for drawing and colouring in and has won some competitions already which has been a big thrill for her.

Have a great week and keep warm :)


I can't believe someone else actually loves the stuff their kids create! I buy mine visual art diaries and love their work. I have also kept alot of their stuff and am laminating it and putting it into folders. I have 4 kids so it's been a BIG process. I love watching my 14 & 12 year olds looking at stuff they created when they were teeny tiny. I also get them to date their creations now!Loved this post :-)

Renata Moni

WOW! Your banner just grab my attention! It´s amazing! Beautiful kids!!!
Just dropping by to say Hi from Brazil! Love your style! You rock ,girl!
Have a nice weekend!

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