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Scrapbooking has been a big part of my life ever since i discovered it 2 years ago. I was lucky enough to get work in the industry pretty much straight away, and have enjoyed being a part of some fantastic Design teams, and had the privaledge to work with some amazing artists (the For Keeps DT, The Scrapboxx Online Store DT, a contributing artist to Autumn Leaves Freestyle Book) in the past year. I also used to teach classes which i am hoping to start doing again soon from home. I love teaching as it provides me with face to face interacion (which you don't get much of in this industry), and the opportunity to inspire others as well as be inspired by others. My greatest achievement to date (SR) would be my work on an Autumn Leaves book called Freestyle with amazing artists from all over the world! I hope to start on designing and producing my own range of scrapbooking products in the very near future, which would be a real challenge as well as sooo much fun! As for my style? Couldn't tell you as my style changes depending on my mood ; ) !

On a more personal front, i live on the Gold Coast, and have 3 gorgeous kids plus a wonderful step-daughter. Two of my many goals for the year are to become a better photographer, and to learn to jive or salsa. I hate spiders, LOVE coffee and Baskin Robbins ice-cream, am a great singer of bad kaeoke .My family calls me QuirKo cause they think i've got more quirks than anyone they know (probably right). Want to know one? Hmmmm, lets see...I pour milk over my ice-cream, and still believe in fairies (is that quirky or just crazy???).


Art, scrapbooking, photography, creating, playing with friends, reading, singing kareoke {badly, i might add}, being a mum, family holidays, going out for coffees, second-hand shopping for treasures, daydreaming