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August 13, 2008


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Its beautiful! I love the backdrop too!!


ignore ignore ignore!!! I know you've been waiting for the desire to come so make the most of it!!!

LOVE the card, SO cute :)


love the card. Beautiful! I have been trying to get on your etsy shop with no luck. Any ideas?


hi Zina!i suffer the same dilemma!!so much to do around the house etc...but SO many ideas to paint, photograph etc...and as for scrapbooking..if only life could be put on hold for a bit so i could catch up!! But..what i like to do once in a while is dedicate an entire day to the "chores"..get a good night's sleep + then create guilt free the next day..in-between meals and such of course!! Keep the creativity coming, as i am so inspired by what you do!!!


Such a cute card Zina :) Hope you ignore the to dos and just created!! I popped in here from Charms blog party.

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