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September 25, 2008


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Ok so who wrote this???
I am capricorn...
Dave is Gemini...
I LOVE to beat him in sports... sooooo true....
He loves to make out... OH SOOO TRUE!!
My goodness! I dont' believe in horoscopes but this made me laugh at how SO TRUE those things were :)


i'm a leo. pretty much perfectly describes me. amazing.... :P


LOL, I am the Lame one
So funny, a little true (the good bits anyway)
These are great Z thanks for sharing


Leo!! That description cracks me up. Just wanted to say I love your work for prompt #3 at the creative type.


Hi, hope its ok for me to link to you as i was running out the door this morning, just thought it was PERFECT!!!!! amazing how close it is :)


i am a scorpio and i can assure you there is no romantism in me !!! First time I hear scorpios are adorable ;D but I have to agree on this one. i agree on the GREEEAAAATTTT kisser as well ;D even if i never kissed myself. I just know. Bises

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