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Furniture for sale....

I'm selling some of our furniture and stuff and thought i'd post it on my blog before i put it on ebay, just in case anyone local wants it. Its pick-up only if your interested....you can contact me through my blog or at messyart@bigpond.net.au and you can pay through pay-pal or cash.

ETA: **Kids curtains in a farm theme $20 (picture to come)

**Single Bed Foam matress $15

**Single Bed doona $10

**First theres a single bunk bed which you can also pull apart to make 2 single beds. Its in very good condition, and has served us well for about 2 years now, however the boys got a new bed for thier bdays.

and as  single beds....

**BUNK BEDS $100

**A single bed thats been painted light green and pastel purple. $ 40


**A girls single bed doona cover with one matching pillow case... $ 10


**A boys BUZZ LIGHTYEAR single doona cover with matching pillow case (hardly used)....$ 20



2 BUGS themed single doona covers with matching pillow cases....$ 10each



**A fold out trundle bed with foam matress (used once). It folds down to sit under most beds for storage, and sits as high as a regular single bed when set up. Its VERY easy to set up. Bought for $120. Will sell for $80.

**A kids" Mammut" green table originally from IKEA.  (you can purchase matching chairs from IKEA). This table was a god-send and i am sad to see it go, but unfortunately we have no more room for it. Very durable. There are some scratches on the table top. $25


**This kids electric pin-ball machine in a cars theme. It lights up and makes noise. Its been hardly used, as we never had room to keep it set up. $15


Ikea side table. Few nicks and scratches on it, but otherwise great condition. $10


2 Very Large under bed basket storage. The 2 baskets together fit snuggly under the enire of one single bed. It has a cloth lining inside both baskets. Bought for $50 each Will sell for $20 each.


**A whole lot of storage goods (sold as a set only)....all been pre-loved but all in good condition.(TBA)

**A poratble childs bed safety rail (saftey first brand). $10

**2 blue doors (used to be to the kids wardrobe)  The backs of one of the doors has 6 screw holes and 3 hooks in it. The other door has some plastic stick-on hooks on it. Some paint has chipped of the sides. $10 each as is.


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