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Tammy Templeton

Wow that was amazing reading that Zina. It made me cry!
It does kinda hit you like a brick when you have a moment of clarity about one of your children.

Tanya Reedy

So special! You have such a great way of explaining things.

KATE Mason

Hi Zina, don't know what made me pop in to 'visit' you today but I'm glad I did. I just loved your post and it has me in tears too. I know only too well the pain of extreme shyness. Do keep up the gentle pushing, if she's anything like me she really will enjoy getting up and trying new things and will be so glad you encouraged her. Shying away is really only the first automatic reaction but there's always someone inside desperately wanting to have fun and feel included in the world. You are doing such a great job with her obviously.
Go Tatiana!


hi zina..oh my goodness...what beautiful writing that was, just reading this makes me realise the little things my little baby boy has accomplished so far, and its so true what you write about babies trying to hard to get to something and have it taken away.made me tear up just realising some of the things ive taken away from alex and having him look the way he looked at me. Its only now reading your post that i clearly understand fully what i was trying to think in my own head. But well done tatiana for giving it your all and having a blast. Ive walked through the mall before when those dance sessions are on and i tell you i would b very shy getting up in front of everyone too but good on her. all teh best hun and keep up the great work!
belynda xo

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